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The .xxx Domains Are Here, And The Porn Industry Isn`t Happy About It
porn list - - -; Today, a new top-level domain name, .xxx, comes online. That means you`ll have websites ending with .xxx instead of just .com, .net or .org. Obviously this was intended for online porn which, like it or not, is a big part of the internet.
Perhaps paradoxically, the porn industry isn`t too happy about it, Washington Times reports
. Basically, online porn companies don`t want to pay for new .xxx domain names to protect brands that they built with .com names, and the fee is $60 per domain or more, which is pretty high.
A porn mogul wrote to, a trade publication: \"Why would I want to put $60 in ICM`s pocket? To protect my brand? That`s extortion.\" Another one wrote: \"If I`d buy every .xxx domain for every .com I have, that would be $12,000 per year. For nothing.\"
Meanwhile ICM
says people should buy .xxx because it will be \"a Good Housekeeping Seal of approval for adult sites.\"
ICM also sells \"opt-out\" registrations for businesses that don`t want someone to snap up their .xxx domain name for their brand -- think or -- for $200 to $300. 
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